Alan May

Alan May
29/10/2019 Totally Wired Radio

Alan May

Electric Sweat
Mod, R&B, Soul, Garage Rock, Punk

Following 10 years success of the global number one Mod show ‘The Glory Boy Mod Radio Show’ on 6 Towns Radio from Stoke On Trent, we are delighted to invite Alan May to Totally Wired Radio with his new ‘Electric Sweat’ show.

Alan’s love for music started from his early teens. Before the punk thing in England, which soon turned to the love of the mod revival and all related genres.

Following on from a short period of playing in rhythm and blues bands, Alan took to the decks road, showing “Shake it Easy”, eventually turning his hand to radio, presenting for 6TR and becoming a leading advocate for the modernist live music circuit – introducing hundreds of bands and their music to radio listeners and presenting various gigs around the UK.

The Electric Sweat show will be a two hour jukebox, highlighting the eclectic mix from the modernist genre, including Mississippi Blues, 6Ts Guitar bands, Motown, 6Ts R&B, Boogaloo, Freakbeat, Garage Punk, Mod revival ’79, Underground ’85, Modern day bands signed or unsigned. We probably have the most comprehensive Modernist Music collection. We try to shake it easy and cause electric sweat! Thank you for listening…