Poetry is the New Rock n Roll

Poetry is the New Rock n Roll
26/03/2021 Totally Wired Radio

Poetry is the New Rock n Roll

Cherry & Peesh
Monthly, Sunday 9-10pm
Punk, Spoken Word and Poetry, Rock, Indie, Alternative, Rap, Rock & Roll

Welcome to ‘Poetry is the New Rock n Roll’, 60 minutes of lyric led, spoken versed, genre smashing, musical adventure into the exploration of hidden poetry, that is often camouflaged behind powerful rhythms and riffs. Named after one of their own songs, Cherry & Peesh will travel through the decades and diverse styles to discuss and dissect the meaning of rhyme as reflected by songwriters.

Cherry will also be performing some excellent spoken word pieces, traditional and contemporary and Peesh will play some live acoustic songs. We are open to requests and recommendations, please get in touch.

The partners in rhyme Cherry & Peesh, are an acoustic duo that have been performing their unique style for just over 3 years. They reflect social observations and fire them from their gut of conscience, often provocative, always catchy melodies. They are made up of the performance poet and author Cherry B, who bellows words spoken to a rhythm that engages and participates the audience. Peesh, singer, songwriter and guitarist who also fronts Northumberland based melodic rockers LoGOz, performs the sweetest hypnotic tunes to complement the vicious vocal visceral. Together they have been performing at many gigs, festivals and events, writing their own quirky material and also putting on regional ‘Punk n Poetry n Art’ nights, encouraging local talent to showcase their creativity. Peesh has his own show (Psycho Radio) on Radio Northumberland and is often joined by Cherry as his special guest. During lockdown they have both been just as busy, individually presenting their own live streams on Facebook.

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