Samantha Michelle

Samantha Michelle
18/05/2020 Totally Wired Radio

Samantha Michelle

Good Lovin’
Soul, Blues, Psych, Garage Rock, Folk

Take a journey in the company of Samantha Michelle as she offers up her signature dose of playful bangers and soul-soothing grooves. It’s a magical mystery tour through the vintage sounds of the blues, Northern Soul, psych, ska, garage rock and their gentler counterparts- folk and Americana. Sharing rich slices of music history – stories of how treasured tunes were written, recorded and received – and featuring the occasional fireside chat, it’s a show that’ll leave your expertise enriched and your heart stirred. Soft and sensuous, but also rough and ripping when you want it to be, like the lyrics in the hit single of the same name, and with its real defining focus on the feel-good, Good Lovin’ is indeed, all you really need.

With an illustrious career that stretches across both sides of the Atlantic, the Canadian-born, gypsy-spirited DJ has travelled the world, playing to packed dance floors, domes, and fields, spreading her love of soul, funk, disco and rock and roll. Recent career highlights include performances at the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Cannes Lions Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, New York Magazine’s Vulture Festival, MemphoFest in Tennessee, residencies with the likes of the Wall Street Journal, Christie’s and The Morrison Hotel Gallery, and – being right here, right now, with you on TWR.