Then and Now

Then and Now
17/06/2019 Totally Wired Radio

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Then and Now

Kalisha Quinlan
Monthly, Wednesday 12-2pm
Festival, Rock, Indie, Pop, Soul


A monthly, two hour celebration of music festivals in all their grubby-glory. This show was born from a fondness of festival-season and the excessive amount I plan to attend this year.

There’s something beautiful about being woken up by sound-check, packed like sardines in a sweaty Aldi tent and clambering to the nearest broken camping chair to glup a can of Stella.

The unusual sense of unity in a morning portaloo and coffee run.

No feeling parallels that of sitting atop a tall stranger’s shoulders, watching your favourite band, wailing along with 20,000 people.

That’s the feeling I’ll be trying to emulate on the airwaves by playing you some of the best artists I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this summer.