Maharishi Hi-Fi

Maharishi Hi-Fi
03/04/2019 Totally Wired Radio

Maharishi Hi-Fi

Musical Fever
Monthly, Wednesday 2-4pm
Ska, Reggae, Roots Rock Reggae, Soul, Jazz

Yes massive, join Maharishi Hi-Fi as he gives you a thing called ‘Musical Fever’ – The Sound of Vintage Jamaica – and brings back the days when dance used to nice with a cutting edge, across the board selection of the best in original Jazz, Soul, R&B, Doo-Wop and Latin, as well as Ska, Rocksteady and Roots Rock Reggae as inspired by Jamaican Sound-System culture. Get set for an exploratory delve through the music that influenced Jamaican musicians as well as all styles, genres, tempos and eras of Jamaican music itself. Featuring a mix of currently available vintage music with a dash of out-of-print rarities / obscurities, it’s a monthly dose of musical meditation, designed to raise the vibration and strengthen the constitution..

‘Musical Fever’ was originally conceived as a promotional unit to bring the rarefied world of the Jamaican connoisseur collectors’ circuit to a wider audience, and started off by bringing top Ska / Rocksteady / Reggae DJ’s to play alongside each other in the classical Jamaican ‘Sound-Clash’ format.. It has since formed wider links with other progressive promotions who are also committed to showcasing the full spectrum of Jamaican style presentations irrespective of musical genre and as such, is closely affiliated with ‘Carib Soul’ as well as other related specialist outfits such as ‘Nuclear Weapon’, ‘Gio’s One Stop’, ‘Soul Kitchen’ and ‘Shakedown Sounds’.

In addition, Maharishi Hi-Fi also hosts a weekly show on Back2Backfm where he brings the finest collectors and selectors from across all genres to join him for a no-holds barred session of selection without objection, replete with shout-outs, pull-ups, rewinds and all manner of studio banter and audience participation live and direct… Respect and Regards.