Mikey Soul

Mikey Soul
28/04/2019 Totally Wired Radio

Mikey Soul

Twistin’ at the Pit
Monthly, Friday 4-6pm
Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Northern Soul, Tittyshaker, Popcorn, Mod, Blues, Rocker, Exotica

The name of the show may give you some idea of what to expect from my first foray into a regular monthly radio show. Hailing from the Thames Delta I have been squirreling 45’s away for some 20+ years and appreciate TWR’s confidence in giving me the opportunity to entertain listeners with some of them…

I will be coming from the Rhythm & Blues / Mod angle with all its various offshoots championed by clubs like Pow Wow in Sheffield but will look at varying each show enough so as not to play two hours of variations of Summertime, 16 Tons or Fever! But don’t me blame if I do!

I will let the music do the talking with the hope that you will return next time. Enjoy Twistin’ at the Pit!