Patricia Amira

Patricia Amira
18/11/2019 Totally Wired Radio

Patricia Amira

Monthly, Monday 10pm-Midnight
African Folk, African Traditional, Electronic, Jazz, Dance, Hip Hop, Beats

JUA – a Kiswahili word with dual meaning – to know; and as reference to the Sun.

Patricia is influenced by her strong cross-cultural experience of living in various countries around the world. Her curation for JUA on TWR reflects this diversity and experience with sound. She was raised on healthy helpings of Funk, African Rhythms, Jazz, Soul and Dub through to her teenage deep dive into punk, hard and alternate rock.

Ironically, it was in London during the 90s, that an increased appreciation of African identities emerged, after an exceptional experience at a Salif Keita gig at the Barbican. Meanwhile, Garage, House and the Acid Jazz scene also resonated as well as a taste for the electronic and ambient vibes embodied by the likes of Massive Attack and Sigur Ros.

A leading broadcaster and content creator on both radio and television, she works across global event hosting and moderation plus voice [with a spot of acting and closet painting]. Patricia has been celebrated internationally as Africa’s top TV talk show host (her show has featured across 120 countries worldwide), including by Forbes Africa/Afrique, Le Monde and on Brazilian television for her work in both influencing and raising Africa’s profile globally.

JUA on TWR marks a return to radio and the journey to shine light continues….

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