Rupert Orton

Rupert Orton
18/08/2020 Totally Wired Radio

Rupert Orton

Pink Lemonade
Monthly, Friday 4-6pm
Blues, Country, Gospel, Soul, Punk Rock

Rupert Orton is a life long music obsessive and the creative force behind PRB Presents – a promotion agency that specialises in bringing over US roots artists to tour in Europe. Rupert is also the Music Director of Red Rooster Festival, promoter of The Gunton Festival and manages a number of artists including Daddy Long Legs from Brooklyn, New York.

Prior to PRB Presents Rupert was founder member and guitarist of The Jim Jones Revue who had worldwide success before splitting in 2014. Before The JJR Rupert was the music programmer for sorely missed East End venue The Spitz in Spitalfields Market which was the home for his legendary Not The Same Old Blues Crap nights.

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