Tom Hoy

Tom Hoy
29/11/2019 Totally Wired Radio

Tom Hoy

Go Go Power!
Monthly, Monday 6-8pm
60s, Mod, Soul, Jazz, Northern Soul

Tom Hoy is a DJ specialising in Mod, 60s, Jazz and Soul music, join him For Go Go Power! Every second Monday of the month from 6-8pm where he’ll be spinning some of his favourite records alongside interviewing some familiar voices from across the scene. Past guests have included Bruce Foxton (The Jam), Neil Jones (Stone Foundation) Jamie Davis (Jaded Heart’s Club Band) and Nass “The Bongolian” Bouzida (Big Boss Man).

But it’s not just music Tom likes to focus on, with an obsession for 60s clothing, many of Tom’s guests surround the world of style and fashion such as tailor for likes of David Bowie, Paul Weller and Mick Jagger, Mark Powell, Modfather Clothing of Camden and Madcap England to name but a few! Tune in wearing your best Loafers for full effect.

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