Crispin Dior

Crispin Dior
11/04/2019 Totally Wired Radio

Crispin Dior

Wash Your Troubles Away
Jazz, Disco, Rock, Soul, Beats, Dub, Spoken Word

Gemini, aesthete, beholden to substance, truth seeking, touched by colour, light, rhythm, joy and melancholy these two hour slots are a reflection of what swings within the shelves of Crispin Dior’s garden shed studio.

East Anglian nomad, this Essex boy started his collection as an 11 year old in Colchester ‘78 before being moulded by Two Tone and Disco in the 80’s. During this period he was fortunate to become the owner of a second-hand blue Hyman drum kit and all hours outside of school and Art School practising riddims.

The 90’s and paraphernalia arrived. Dior transported himself to New York and San Fransisco and altered his horizons along the way with the likes of The Church of John Coltrane and club, Boogie Buffet. Returning with bags full of vinyl picked from the streets he turned his eye on London.

Moving to the then quiet, bohemian quarter of Old Street in the 90’s Crispin found his first experience of a computer was courtesy of Paul Bradshaw at Straight No Chaser. The major noise three doors down was from the legendary Blue Note of Hoxton Square. The rest is history.

Now spending as much time behind the easel once more, this show paints the spaces between all the moments in life.

Music, Painting and Dance are for me the perfect and only way with which to navigate the challenges, for me summarised most eloquently by the genius of Gil Scott Heron…

Lady Day & John Coltrane

Could you call on Lady Day?
 Could you call on John Coltrane? 
Now, ‘cause they’ll, they’ll wash your troubles
, Your troubles, your troubles, your troubles away!