Ian Vince

Ian Vince
01/04/2022 Totally Wired Radio

Ian Vince

The Soul & Jazz Jar
Monthly, Wednesday 2-4pm
Soul, Funk, Jazz, Afrobeats, Mod Sounds, Disco

Moving you across the spectrum with the finest Soul, Jazz, Funk, Disco, Crossover, Mod, Afrobeats and Rare Grooves from the 1950’s to brand new releases with a sprinkling of anything in between. Once the lid is open, who knows what will come out?

My DJing career started as a young Mod in a shed at a mates party in rural Essex in the Early 80’s when I was 14. I played 60’s Soul, Mod Revival singles on a single turntable. Because I didn’t’t have many records some got played 3 or 4 times and I also utilised some of my parents sevens while everyone else was in the house and garden getting drunk. The music ranged from The Who to Jackie Wilson, Sam & Dave, Wilson Pickett, Motown, Otis Redding, Dusty Springfield, The Jam, The Purple Hearts, Ska, Makin’Time and even Manfred Mann.

Later, I discovered Rare groove on London radio shows from the likes of Robbie Vincent, Greg Edwards, Jeff Young and newer things via Essex Radio. It was an invite to the last days of The Goldmine that cemented it for me. At that very point the seed was sown as I found Chris Hill, Froggy, Gary Dennis, Snowboy & Tom Holland. I then ventured beyond Essex clubs to find more soul & Jazz Dance with Richard Searling, Simon Dunsmore, Mick Farrer, Steve Hobbs, Perry Louis, Gilles Peterson, Dr Bob Jones, Kevin Beadle, Grumpy Brown, Eddie Piller, Colin Curtis, Ian Levine, Frostie, Sylvester, Nick Hozier, Bob Masters, Patrick Forge, and the like…. the list is endless!

In the last 40 years I have been very fortunate to play the music I love to audiences on Radio at Caister and specialist soul stations. I have also been invited to play at many events and weekenders across the UK and still do.This has Included being on the same lists as some of the most influential people in our music listed here in Djing circles, without whom I would never have found my passion and love for the whole scene.

My show THE SOUL & JAZZ JAR reflects my influences and promotes my ethos of playing anything across the Black Music Genre. Hopefully you can take something from it which helps you want to explore more. Enjoy!