Roberta Cutolo

Roberta Cutolo
09/04/2019 Totally Wired Radio

Roberta Cutolo

Reach Out Sound Emporium
Monthly, Thursday 12-2pm
Afrobeat, World Music, Soul, Disco, Jazz, Dance

Reach Out is a dizzying Sound Emporium* where to share sound aesthetics beyond genres and explore intuitive music findings, narrative and textures via other art forms if not, metabolise renewable life-shattering sound sources or otherwise, searching for the freshest beat. The act of playing music is like offering something that once-received just, like a kaleidoscope, resonates on a wider spec of frequencies travelling from there, to somewhere else.

We are transmitters. Anchored to our souls, music has always been present where there was a human congregation. Music makes us feel, channels greater physical experiences and, just like language it’s indispensable, so uniquely human, crucial for our survival. Music is a safe place. Reach Out Sound Emporium is our shrine.

*Latin, derived from Greek, for ‘to journey’

Photo [at]salentodeathvalley

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