Wolfgang Kerl

Wolfgang Kerl
20/10/2022 Totally Wired Radio

Wolfgang Kerl

Mr Mojo On The Radio
Monthly, Wednesday 5-7pm
Soul, British Invasion, Hipshakers, British-Blues, German 60‘s Beat, Mod, R&B

Wolfgang Kerl (aka DJ Mr Mojo) from Wiesbaden, Germany brings a brand new show to TWR.

Wolfgang is hooked on music since hearing The Beatles on German radio in the early 60‘s. Soon followed by the British Pop music Invasion through radio and television. A huge musical influence in his teenage years was the monthly german TV show BEAT CLUB, a spin off the British Ready Steady Go TV show. British cover beatbands touring in Germany brought him closer to the “real thing“ – beat and rock bands live on a stage. In 1968, still a teenage boy with a decent mod look, Wolfgang was old enough to see his first live shows by US Soul bands entertaining the american troops in Germany.  Hooked on Soul music in any form since then.

Realising not having the talent to be a musician himself he choose to save his passion for music as a hobby and collecting records just for the fun of it. After studying Television Productions he worked for more than 30 years as Director for ZDF, German Television.  Opportunity knocked in form of an early retirement offer in 2008.

Following his motto: Music was my first love, he started producing his first monthly non commercial radio show in Germany, which is still on the the air and titled: Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! – And The beat Goes On. Heavy on the Hamburg Days of the Beatles and the R&B scene in London in the early 60‘s like Eal Pie island, The Crawdaddy Club, The Marquee etc. For many years he dedicated a second radio show to African-American music which was called: Black-A-Delic.

Wolfgang continues to DJ for selected commercial and private events in Germany.  And now finally a new member of the great MODCAST-Family.

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