Marcus Agerman Ross

Marcus Agerman Ross
28/03/2019 Totally Wired Radio

Marcus Agerman Ross

Planet Yes!!
Monthly, Monday 4-6pm
Jocks&Nerds, World, Rhythm, Beats, Soul

Taking you on a journey around the globe, Planet Yes!! delves deep to bring you the best new releases in jazz, soul, afro, funk, house, disco, boogie – you name it.

Keeping it strictly on the right side of soulful, this show explores the rhythms in everything and anything from Finnish jazz to South American electronica, Scottish classical to American nu-folk, Japanese ambient to French jazz-funk, and not forgetting all the amazing homegrown music from the UK.

Marcus Agerman Ross is the founder of revered cultural magazine Jocks&Nerds as well as a radio presenter and writer. He is also DJs at some of the hottest venues in London laying down his unique blend of funk, soul, disco, afro, boogie and house.